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U.S. Army

  • Medical Services Administrative Support

Department of Vet Affairs​

  1. PRIME: Award of VECTOR IDIQ
    1. Prime for Service Groups :
    2. SG #2 Analytics
    3. SG #5 Logistics

National Park Service

  1. PRIME: SharePoint, Web and Oracle Support

Homeland Security

  1. Chemical Biological Defense Programs
  2. Department of Homeland Security
    1. AoA for Operations Center
    2. Cyber Exercise Support

Our Mission

US Coast Guard

  1. ICAs for US Coast Guard Fleet and Aviation Assets

Our Customers

U.S Navy

  1. US Navy FMS and PPBE
    1. ONR PPBE and IT
  2. Naval Air Systems Command
  3. Naval Sea Systems Command
  4. BCA Virginia Class Sub

U.S. Air Force

  1. Major ICAs for Space Launch Vehicles and Operations

Defense Health Agency

  1. LEAD SUB: For AAI on Medical Service Support IDIQ 
    1. Task Order Lead
    2. Proposal Manager

Department of Defense

  1. Defense Satellite Program Office
  2. Defense Travel System

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

  1. Defense Threat Reduction Agency PPBE & Software Program Management
  2. Training Development & Delivery

U.S. Marine Corps.

  1. PRIME: Marine Corps Intelligence Activity Training
  2. Ground Vehicles and C4ISR